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November 30, 2010

I’ve been meaning to get to a post with links to some of my favorite blog posts read during November (and before). As always, I’m amazed at all the great content out there. Here’s a selection of blogs and blog posts that stand out to me…

Expressing Thanks and Gratitude

  • I’ve already linked to Marissa Bracke’s November project…30 Days of giving thanks on her blog.  But it’s worth another visit since having a sense of thanks and gratitude is so important to our own peace of mind – in my humble opinion. I have enjoyed how Marissa has explored ways to not only give thanks and appreciation, but also how to receive it.
  • Also worth noting is Scott “The Nametag Guy” Ginsberg’s post on Thanksgiving about how we can cultivate an attitude of thankfulness in our lives.  I especially liked Scott’s point that sometimes a traditional “thank you” is not enough and that there are times thank you is better said through consistent action and not the occasional “thanks” that is spoken or written.
  • Scott Ginsberg mentions Leah Dieterich’s ThxThxThx blog where she gives thanks for one thing every day.  One visit will fill your mind with gratitude and amusement…I had a laugh at her gratitude note to Jessica Simpson and her gratitude about farts.  Sometimes it really is about the little things, huh?

Telling Stories

Truth be told, I’ve always admired people who tell great stories – whether they are bestselling authors or my Uncle Len telling me about his experiences while serving in the Navy many years ago.  These stories entertain, teach us valuable lessons and keep us connected to each other.  My friend Lori at JaneBeNimble has explored storytelling on her blog in her Front Porch posts. One thing is certain, I am grateful for the wealth of blogs and posts on the topic of storytelling.  Here are a few that stand out for me right now…

  • Throughout October, Jonathan Fields interviewed story guru Robert McKee on his blog.  I found the five-part series of videos to be informative and enlightening and enjoyed McKee’s take on where to find the best writing nowadays (hint: it’s not in books). I think Fields did a great job interviewing McKee and helping provide insight into storytelling in ways other than just movies and television.
  • I recently stumbled upon and bookmarked Kathy Hansen’s A Storied Career blog.  While there isn’t one particular blog post that grabbed my attention, I especially like Hansen’s link of storytelling with job search and career advancement.  Having studied and practiced the art and science of interviewing, myself, I can really relate and agree with the importance of telling good stories in the job interview.  Chances are, you’ll also enjoy her take on Donald Miller’s latest book and information on all things related to stories and storytelling.
  • Last week, StoryCorps celebrated it’s National Day of Listening, which encourages all Americans to honor a friend, loved one or member of their community by interviewing them about their lives. I think this is a great idea and is something I’ve been meaning to do with members of my family for a while.  For a PDF guide on how to participate in this, please visit the NDOL site that’s linked above.

Marketing and Social Media

  • I’ve been a fan of Mitch Joel’s marketing blog Six Pixels of Separation for a while.  I find his observations about digital marketing and social media to be very insightful.  His weekly podcasts feature numerous influential and up and coming guests and are worth a listen.  His recent post “Up Your Game” really hit home with me.  It’s a post about marketing professionals trying to get ahead.  Joel argues that marketing has changed so dramatically that it’s necessary (and easier than ever) for marketing professionals to keep learning and upping their game.  I would also add that the world of work in general is changing so quickly that it is becoming necessary for employees in all professions to up their game.
  • Farnoosh’s Prolific Living blog has really caught my attention in recent months.  Devoted to “smart habits for rich living,” I find her musings about travel, yoga, spirituality and Toastmasters to be highly entertaining and informative.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m blown away by her blog design and the beautiful photos she takes for her site.  Recently she attended Blogworld and released an eBook of the things she learned at the event.  If you are a blogger who has read and enjoyed Darrin Rowse’s 31 Days to a Better Blog, you will appreciate her very enlightening eBook.  If you are looking to improve as a blogger, you must pick up her eBook here.

That’s it for this month. If you have stumbled upon a new blog or a post that has you blown away…please feel free to share in the comments.  Thank you as always for stopping by!

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Aunt Owwee.

1 Farnoosh November 30, 2010 at 11:23 am

Hi Tim, thanks so much for the very kind words and mentions of prolific living and my ebook. I am so very happy you found value in it and thanks for this great recommendation to your readers!!

2 Kathy Hansen November 30, 2010 at 11:56 am

Many thanks for the shoutout, despite misspelling my name ;).

3 Mitch Joel - Twist Image December 1, 2010 at 5:20 am

Thank you for the very kind mention. I appreciate it.

4 Tim December 1, 2010 at 10:10 am

Hi Farnoosh: Thank you for stopping by and for producing such a great eBook! I know your readers and other bloggers will find a lot of value in its pages. I look forward to reading more about your adventures on your Prolific Living blog!

Hi Kathy: I’m sorry to have misspelled your name and it has been corrected. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more on your blog!

Hi Mitch: I feel honored that you stopped by to comment. The content on your blog is great and I have a spent a great deal of time listening to your podcasts on my train rides into the city. I look forward to more info on your blog and podcasts!

5 Evita December 1, 2010 at 3:58 pm

Hi Tim,

I love monthly reflections or overviews! Reading through the list you shared, the one that stood out the most for me was Scott’s idea about a Thank You not necessarily being enough…. I think the same can be said for an “I Love You” or an “I’m sorry”. I too, believe that the most meaningfully expressed versions of each of those three, are consistent actions. Sometimes words are too easy too say, sometimes they are empty, where as actions really speak louder than words.

Thanks for sharing all these great contributions from so many!
Wishing you a great new month :)

6 Tim December 2, 2010 at 9:11 am

Hi Evita: Thank you for the kind words you shared- I like the monthly overviews, too. There is a wealth of amazing information out there and this monthly overview is a way to really share that with everyone. Also, in recent months, I got rid of my blogroll on this blog. The monthly overview is also a way to share some link love with talented people. I like what you said about “I love you” and “I’m sorry” and how these actions speak louder than words. Scott’s observation about expressing thank you through action is a great reminder for me and for all of us. Evita, I wish you a great month and thank you for sharing your thoughts here!

7 Lori December 4, 2010 at 12:11 pm

Hi Tim,
Sorry I’m late to this post, but I wanted to tell you I very much enjoy your re-blog posts. You always find such gems and I love finding new bloggers and websites. Thanks so much for pointing us to these great people.
I also offer you deep gratitude for recognizing my story posts, too, Tim. Thanks a lot, I love telling stories so it means a lot to me to read your words. I think one of my personal favorites was your story, and I think you may know this. Thanks again for your contribution.

8 Tim December 6, 2010 at 7:30 am

Hi Lori: I’m glad you enjoy the re-blog posts…I’m always on the lookout for good stuff to share with my readers. Like you, I’m really captivated by all things storytelling and I appreciate your kind words about my Front Porch story and your posts about storytelling on JBN. Stories really make the world go around, don’t they? Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here.

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