Life As A Story

January 18, 2011

“Is your life a living hell?

Change your act, re-write the script the way you planned it”

– The Fixx, from the song Privilege

I was first introduced to the idea of life being like a story on the Fixx’s 1982 album, Reach the Beach. I was a young, impressionable teenager and in addition to the music, I analyzed and soaked up the lyrics which were printed on the back of the album.  Those words always struck me as interesting but I’m not sure I thought about it too much of it until recently.

Last week, I finished Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.  If you haven’t read it, you can read Chris Brogan’s video review and Lori’s thoughts on the book.  If you’ve reviewed or read the book, I invite you to include a link or review in the comments section below.  I don’t want to turn this post into a review, but I will say I was blown away by Miller’s book and really enjoyed his take on living our lives as characters in one big story.

And much like characters in books and movies, we love to see these characters overcome large problems and obstacles to find happiness.  Miller stresses, however, that our lives don’t always offer a nice, neat resolution to our problems. But he encourages us to live with more courage and excitement…much like we’d want the characters in our stories to live.

But the thing that I love the most about the book is how it has helped me re-frame the way I look at problems and challenges in my life. Instead of feeling like “woe is me,” I’m realizing that these challenges and obstacles are an opportunity to really learn and grow…to become a character in life that evolves and becomes a better person as a result of these challenges.

The idea of living life as characters in one big story may not be a new one – but this book tackles this idea better than any I’ve read.

How about you…as screenwriter of your life, how would you write the script for the next chapter in your life? How would you overcome your present-day challenges?

Creative commons photo courtesy of Horia Varlan.