Weekend Video Diversion: A-ha Moments

February 19, 2011

From a marketing perspective, I really like Mutual of Omaha’s “A-ha Moments” campaign.  While I don’t think each of our aha or lightbulb moments can actually be sponsored (just as Kleenex would not sponsor my next sneeze), I do love how Mutual of Omaha used their commercial to help share a-ha moments from people across the country.  The other night I was sitting at my computer with the television on in the background when I heard a familiar voice, Joe Heuer better known as the “Rock N Roll Guru.” He was talking about his philosophy and his a-ha moment. I was sucked in and replayed the commercial several times on my DVR.

This video fits well with my last post about our work stories.  Joe’s video here is a great example of someone’s face lighting up when they talk about their life’s purpose.  It’s something all of us should strive to discover if we don’t know it already.

I’ve also got a confession to make…I’ve been an admirer of Joe’s since he sent me a copy of his eBook, Dream Tweets.  While I never got around to officially reviewing it on my blog, I was really blown away.  It’s filled with bite-sized words of wisdom.  And because I’m such a rock-n-roll fan, Joe’s message really resonates with me.  Joe, if you’re reading this, I’m hoping that one day I’ll run into you at Summerfest as we wait in line for drinks during one of the shows.  For me, there’s nothing like talking music (especially classic rock) with passionate music fans.