Happy Bloomsday!

June 16, 2011

Truth be told, I’ve only read one book written by James Joyce, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and thoroughly enjoyed it. But as someone who knows a little about a lot, I know that Ulysses is regarded as one of the most highly regarded pieces of literature out there. A couple years ago I picked up a well-preserved copy of Ulysses (from 1961) for $2.50. For a book that highly regarded, I could not pass up this great deal. But like many books on my shelf, I haven’t read it yet.

And so today is Bloomsday, the fictional day featured in Ulysses. It’s a day celebrated by lovers of the book in many different ways: public readings, a pub crawl and private readings in comfortable reading chairs everywhere. Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of two or three books and I doubt I will get to Ulysses this year.

In the spirit of good books and great writers, I wanted to share a video that I found on The New Yorker blog yesterday. It’s not the same as reading Ulysses, but in a viral video world, it’s got to be at least slightly more important than watching another video of a cat chasing a piece of string. Perhaps it will whet your appetite for reading a book by James Joyce or any other great writer…