Random Weekend Video: Stephen and Souwah

July 29, 2011

Stephen & Souwah | Things from Casey Warren | MINDCASTLE on Vimeo.

In the past couple years, I’ve been mesmerized by the power of story. Sure, I’ve enjoyed stories since I was a child listening to my mother read me all the Dr. Seuss books. But, in recent years, I’ve become aware of how important stories can be in the ordinary moments of life.

Recently, I was browsing some Vimeo videos when I ran across this video that captured my attention. It’s an engagement film created by Seattle-based MindCastle Studios for a couple that met each other in Spain at a photography workshop. I was really drawn in by the great job of editing and the music that accompanied the images. But, taking a step back, it really hit me that this video told a powerful story. I want to know more about this couple and what they’re up to these days. I want to know how they fell in love and maintained their long-distance relationship.

Of course, the video was not created for you or me. It was created for the couple to help convey their love for each other to friends and family around the world. I would say this video definitely accomplished that task.

This video is yet another reminder to me, to us…that stories are everywhere. It’s a reminder to be conscious of story whether we’re taking pictures, talking to friends and family or selling ourselves in a job interview.

How about you…how did this video make you feel? What was the last great story you heard? I’d love to hear from you…