Weekend Video Diversion: Precision

September 22, 2012

Everyone, it seems, wants to create THE next viral video. Motivated by money and fame and seeking attention, thousands (or millions?) of aspiring Martin Scorsese’s bring their cameras and best ideas to create these videos. According to one source, more than 35 hours of video is added to YouTube every minute. As viewers of these videos, our short attention spans are pulled in numerous directions and often times we don’t even pay attention to the ads in front of us.

Brands, too, must compete to attract our attention. DVRs make it easy for us to skip commercials so we can get back to the programs we are watching. So what is a brand to do?

Create videos that are non-interruptive and content-driven. Known as native advertising, these videos are basically commercials that may not look like a typical commercial and are often seamlessly integrated into a website experience.

One of my favorite of these videos is by Addiction Worldwide for Remington. You won’t see much about the Remington product, itself. But you will see a lot of precision riding from pro biker Denny MacAskill that serves as a visual metaphor for Remington products.

Have a great weekend!

1 Angelia Sims September 22, 2012 at 9:58 pm

Oh…this is just wonderful. I LOVE the lighting and all the scenes of San Francisco on his bike. I just about came out of my chair when he was on that super thin railing. WOAH!

Love this….thank-you. San Francisco is beautiful city. I really love it there.

2 Tim September 23, 2012 at 11:21 am

Hi Angelia:

I’m glad you liked the video, too…it’s visually stunning. I know, my jaw dropped when I saw him on that railing. And yeah, it does remind me of my first trip to San Francisco when I rented a bike and was not told about the streets to avoid…almost killed myself, lol. I, too, love San Francisco and have some good memories. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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