Weekend Musical Diversion: Collaboration

January 26, 2014

Aerosmith and Run DMC, Anthrax and Public Enemy, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney, Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas, Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. These are just some of music’s notable and unlikely collaborations. In these cases, and others like it, musicians come together from different musical genres and introduce their fans to a new sound. What results from this collaboration is often experimental, different, unusual. Many times it works, other times it does not.

As a fan of music from a young age, this collaboration expanded my musical horizons and opened my mind to new, different musical possibilities.

One band that has grabbed my attention through collaboration with other artists is The Roots. As house band for Jimmy Fallon’s late night program, they’ve had the opportunity to jam with a host of different artists. In the case with Elvis Costello, it worked. They’ve also released albums with John Legend and 70’s singer Betty Wright.

Tonight is Grammy Night and while I’ve long lost interest in who will win a particular Grammy, I love watching the musical collaborations between different artists from different genres. It sucks me in every time. And it reminds me that collaboration is something that can be applied to other areas of life.

How about you…what are some of your favorite collaborations, musical or otherwise?